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Where To Buy Live Crawfish

Unless you live in a Gulf Coast state, live crawfish are probably not going to be easy to find in a store. I occasionally see sacks of crawfish in the grocery store on the weekends here in Dallas. But, Iíve never been very happy with the size or quality of their product, and I just donít trust them to have crawfish in stock when I need them. That is just my opinion. Iíve outlined the other options I know of below.

Buy Live Crawfish From Restaurants

Usually restaurants that sell boiled crawfish well sell you live crawfish. In my experience, this is the most reliable and affordable way to get live crawfish. Call around until you find one that will sell you live crawfish by the sack. (Even some national chains like Razoos will do this.) Make sure that you call a week or so in advance. The ones here in Dallas usually get shipments 3 times a week and just keep the sacks in a big walk-in cooler until they are ready to use them. Since the restaurants are buying such large quantities, the shipping cost is greatly reduced.

Buy Crawfish Online


Deliver Your Crawfish To The Airport

Whether you order from an internet site or a seafood market back home, the crawfish should be shipped overnight on ice. If you live near a major airport, ask about picking it up from the airport yourself. With freight shipping, you are usually charged a flat rate for the first 100 pounds and then a set fee for each additional pound. The savings can be substantial, and you donít have to wait around the house for the delivery man.

Crawfish Delivered To Your Door

The third option would be having the crawfish shipped to your door. The more crawfish you buy, the less you will have to pay per pound. This is expensive though, so expect to pay up to $3/lb for small orders. I would recommend scheduling delivery for the day before your boil. The crawfish will be fine on ice overnight. Even though the shipping companies guarantee overnight delivery, mistakes happen. A crawfish boil isnít the same without crawfish.

You can find place to buy crawfish online by simply searching for live crawfish. Click the button below and youíll find plenty of options:


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