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One of the most common questions we get is, "What size pot do I need to cook _______?". Although we mainly focus on crawfish on this site, these pots and burners work great with all types of food. The information below is based on my personal experience and the experiences of others that have bought pots from the site. Keep in mind that the amount will vary based on the amount of other goodies you are cooking in the pot too.

Size Model Capacity
60 Qt. Crawfish Pot 4060 30-35 lbs.
80 Qt. Crawfish Pot 8000 35-45 lbs.
100 Qt. Crawfish Pot 1000 45-60 lbs.
120 Qt. Crawfish Pot 1200 60+ lbs.

Blue Crab
Crab information provided in part by the wonderful participants of
Size Model Capacity
36 Qt. Fryer/Steamer Crab Pot 4036 3/4 bushel
1/2 bushel
(with vegies)
42 Qt. Fryer/Steamer Crab Pot 4042 3/4 bushel
(with vegies)
60 Qt. Crab Pot 4060 1 1/4 bushels
1 bushel
(with vegies)
80 Qt. Crab Pot 8000 1 3/4 bushels

1 1/2 bushels
(with vegies)
100 Qt. Crab Pot 1000 2 bushels

1 1/2 bushels
(with vegies)
120 Qt. Crab Pot 1200 2 1/2 bushels
2 bushels
(with vegies)

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